The Royal Front (EP)

by the Royal Front

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    The Debut EP from Nashville Electro Alt-Popsters, The Royal Front. Download the Track "Feigning Love" for FREE. Do it, seriously, do it.

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released June 1, 2010

Produced and Mixed by Steve Wilson
Recorded at Legion of Boom

Koral Michaels: vocals, air bass.
Matt Fine: drums, guitar
Steve Wilson: keys, guitar, beats, vocals.
Billy Brimblecom: drums on "You Are (the Knife)", and
"Dancing in the Dark"

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Track Name: Bitter Illusion
Bitter Illusion

gone too soon now
feels like time is always passing
leaving me behind
lay with me love
i'm ready for your voice
to fill my vacant heart

all i can see is that i'm running
with my fears in your hand
reaching for you
i see your shape in the clouds
forming a bitter illusion

stars and the moon
paint their shadows
as they creep across the living room
lay in my arms
i need for you stay and warm
my sleepless bones
Track Name: Feigning Love
Feigning Love

don't act like you don't know me
how many times can i say sorry
it's plain as day you are hurt
but i can't take that away hey hey

you can push me back in the distance
go on and get it out of your system
but one day you'll call, or come running
it's in the cards you'll see in time

i can feel you here on autumn days
memories of falling leaves
our hearts were real
but we were young
we were feigning love
stepping stones at at different pace
loosing touch so we could see
the stars were bright
and we were young
we were feigning love

i don't know why
i haven't cried
my heart won't tell my mind
i hate that i have
made you lovesick
i am not the one
who'll cure you

you're living in my head where i feel you
and the love we made is still true
the world is spinning off in the distance
and i'm losing sight of you

remember drowning your voice into the clouds
while i was pouring my soul into your mouth
our feet were meant to land on different ground
i let go of your hands
but you still have my love
Track Name: My Kiss
My Kiss

words that you wrote they hang like
smoke in the air
this whiskey is strong
but you kill me with your stare

you kept saying
i was what you needed
but now your heart has strayed

i was very stupid stupid
to think that you would want this

i believed your broken promise
that you would wait on my kiss

clumsy with our love
i held back my defense
a fool in your hands
became a marionette

you keep saying
i am what you want
you pull me with your charms

now it's so obvious why you were holding back
but I convinced myself you saw nobody else
Track Name: You Are (the Knife)
I am the sound of rain.
you are the knife.